Attraction Audit

and Mentoring

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

To conduct an Access Audit of the Sanctuary and improve access for visitors.

The audit identified key access issues for people such as older adults, people with mobility disabilities, families using mobility aids such as prams, wheelchairs, canes etc. as well as people with vision, hearing and cognitive impairment.

Consideration had to be given to the fact that the Sanctuary is largely integrated into the natural environment where there are often no applicable Australian Standards. Solutions required adaptive thinking to come up with practical resolutions.

Recommendations for removal of some key access barriers were then addressed during upgrade and maintenance works associated with improving the buildings and surrounding areas. These included quick wins such as improved access to some buildings, appropriate use of tactile ground surface indicators, contrast lines and better signage. Further improvements were included in future budgeted Capital Expenditure works.

Inclusive Tourism provided mentoring support and guidance during this implementation phase.

General improvements were undertaken which resulted in an immediate improvement in access to and around the Sanctuary.
An Accessibility Statement was developed for use on the Sanctuary website to provide information for people with disabilities.

You can view the Accessibilty Statement on the website here

Subsequently, the Sanctuary was chosen by Gold Coast Council as one of the Accessible Experiences promoted to para-athletes attending the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.


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