Information Is The Key

What do you do when you’re researching your next holiday or even just looking for somewhere to eat?

If you’re like most Australians, you probably look online.  With an estimated 88% of the population being active internet users the information you provide on your website is crucial for attracting new business.

So if you are looking to attract the accessible tourism market, you should be promoting your accessibility on your website.  The first step is to create an Accessibility Guide.

What’s an Accessibility Guide?

An Accessibility Guide is a valuable tool that businesses can use to let potential visitors know about the accessibility of their venue, property or service.  It helps people to make more informed decisions about where they will stay, eat and play.  This information is important to many, including older people, people with mobility issues, hearing or vision loss, families with young children and more.

It should be seen and used as a marketing tool, designed to broaden the appeal of your business to a large and growing demographic.  It should be easy to find on your website and available for download or email in a variety of formats including Word and PDF.

Key things to remember.

  • Your venue may not be perfect for wheelchair access, but there are many others it will be perfect for. Wheelchair users make up just 8% of the market.
  • Always be truthful about your accessibility. A small step at an entrance might not seem like much to you, but it can be a major barrier for some.
  • Be accurate with your measurements. An accessible room is not much use if the person can’t get through the doorway!
  • A picture paints a thousand words – use them throughout your statement. Pictures of bathrooms and toilets are especially important.

Targeted Marketing = Better Exposure

CanGoEverywhere is the ‘One Stop Shop’ for the traveller requiring accessible tourism. It’s been designed to link accessible businesses with the people who are looking for them. People who visit already know what they want and they’ll use CanGo to find it.

Providing appropriate and detailed information is the key to attracting and building your customer base.

Research has shown that

  • Visitors seeking accessible tourism services choose their holiday periods during the low seasons
  • on average they spend 5 times more money on their holiday trips as compared to other travelers
  • Almost 75% stay 3 nights or longer – average 8 nights
  • People with disabilities don’t generally travel alone. They are, on average, in a group of 4.1 people
  • It is estimated that 7% of all inbound tourists have a disability

By listing your business on you will gain greater exposure to the people who are looking for your services.

Case Study

Italian Tour Operator Viaggi del Ventaglio changed the focus of their attention to the issue of accessibility. Some of the initiatives included: Assessed the level of accessibility of a number of hotels across Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Maldives, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil. Extended their offer to include other products and brands of the group so as to make a wider range of choices available to clients with disabilities. Provided incentives for adequate training for personnel in the booking and sales departments on customer care. Created a special edition catalogue for this niche market with descriptions of and information on accessibility; and, Created a website providing images of the holiday destinations assessed with information on other services in the surrounding area. This approach resulted in an increase of the level of demand for services offered by Viaggi del Ventaglio from clients with special needs with consequent increase of its turnover from 700,000 Euros to 4.2 million Euros in just two years.


‘I absolutely recommend the program. It is little cost to participate, little cost to offer appropriate room items, and opens the door to a large and growing market. We will do a full floor (16) rooms so that a number of categories are covered when we refresh the rooms this Winter’

Amery – General Manager Sofitel Gold Coast